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Fall 2013

Elton John receives HAI Leadership Award. Cutting-edge HIV prevention study begins. Harvard undergrads blog about research projects in Africa. Vitamins and selenium may slow disease progression. HAI video outlines 25 years of research accomplishments. Read these and other stories in latest issue of Spotlight. Click here for the latest issue.



From the Ground U[

From the Ground Up is a three-volume collection of best practices and lessons learned contributed by over 320 distinguished HIV/AIDS professionals from around the globe, with a special focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more and order the publication.


HAI in the News

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Professor Max Essex, Chairman, Harvard School of Public Health AIDS Initiative

Junior in Botswana
Max Essex

International Innovation Research Media Ltd
Having been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS laboratory research for the past three decades, Max Essex explains how HAI is dedicating its resources to research and education to end the AIDS epidemic in Africa. (more).

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