Harvard School of Public Health AIDS Initiative

“The Botswana-Harvard Partnership is a model for how to do collaborative public health research in Africa.”

- Dr. Peter Piot
Director of UNAIDS

About HAI

Harvard undergrads in Botswana with BHP lab staff.

For almost two decades, HAI has been dedicated to promoting research, education and leadership to end the AIDS epidemic. As the number of AIDS cases continues to escalate disproportionately in Africa and other resource scarce settings, HAI has directed its research efforts toward developing prevention and treatment strategies to stem the epidemic in these regions.

HAI partners with organizations in Africa and other regions of the world to develop sustained education and training programs. The training of international scientists and health professionals helps to produce a cadre of experts able to facilitate and lead the development of health care strategies and interventions that will benefit individuals, families, and societies in resource-scarce areas.

Max Essex teaches a freshman seminar.

HAI's research and intervention programs include: AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria (APIN), Botswana-Harvard Partnership, The China Project, The Tanzania Program, The Senegal Program, The Thailand Program, Fogarty International Training Program in AIDS-related Epidemiology (AITRP), KITSO AIDS Training Program, and the Oak Foundation Program.

To further expand its multidisciplinary research agenda, HAI is committed to fostering innovative public and private collaborations with organizations that support efforts to stem the AIDS epidemic. Partnering with a wide range of private corporations, non-governmental agencies, government programs, advocacy organizations, research and medical centers, and nonprofit organizations, HAI continues to develop research and educational initiatives that advance the understanding and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

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